Technology & Customized Development

Combining agile innovations in data management and AI technologies, cross-channel CRM, and results-driven marketing services, we help businesses improve cost-efficiency and generate revenues.


We use CDP to achieve data assets and management, SCRM to realize membership refinement management, and AI chatbot, micro-mall, smart recommendation and other data applications to enhance user experience and improve marketing efficiency.


Unique Features

From data integration to marketing management to smart plug-ins, from prospect to loyal customer, HUB achieves tracking, marketing, management and remarketing of the entire customer lifecycle and exhibits the following four major features at the same time:




Social Media

Paid Search


McDonald - Omnichannel Mini-app System

  • We've built a cross-WeChat/Alipay system membership applet around the customer lifecycle, connect online and offline data, and provided omnichannel membership management tools that include membership card, membership registration and points system, stores, coupons, and other discounts.

  • We managed to construct a mini-program system and application matrix that includes product promotion, new launch, push notification, repurchase, O2O, customer service, etc., accumulate brand's domain traffic and user data, realize personalized marketing, and improve customer experience and therefore conversion.

  • Since its launch in December 2017, the number of McDonald's mini-program members has exceeded over 100 million, and the average daily orders have exceeded over one million.

Colgate - Wechat Mini Program for Customer

  • Enhanced close interactions between the brand and Colgate customers.

  • Check-in draws, quizzes and trial draws to boost user activity.

  • Synced with the existing cnm system, acquired user data of all stages, established crowd tags, personalized push notifications and thus improved conversion.